Transportation within Prachuap area

Basically, there are three different ways to circulate within the town of Prachuap Khiri Khan and its surroundings:

Renting a motorbike or a bicycle

In Prachuap, a motorbike will costs you around 300 ฿ on a per day basis. The daily price for a bicycle in Prachuap varies from 50 to 80 ฿ per day. If you’re willing to rent one for a long period, it’s possible to get a better prices.

Most rented motorbikes i’ve seen in Prachuap seem to be in quite a good shape, but still, i recommand you to take your time to check it before you rent it. You should also know that wearing a helmet is compulsory and though you’ll see a lot of people driving without one, you can expect to be fined if the police catch you driving “bareheaded”.

As for bicycles, you’ll mostly find basic ones without gears, but as Prachuap is essentially flat, they’ll do the job. If ever you’re looking for a more “sophisticated” bicycle; then my advice would be to visit Hachi Coffee and Bike Shop where they have a larger choice.

Hiring a tuk-tuk or a moto-taxi

Prachuap transportation

Most tourists prefer to rent a bicycle or a motorbike to circulate in or around Prachuap, but another option is to hire a tuk-tuk or a moto-taxi.

In Prachuap you will find this kind of transportation next to the morning market, the train and the bus station and in the different areas where there are minivans. You’ll recognize the vehicules which are for hire at the sleeveless colored vest of the driver. Note that the tuk-tuks you’ll find in Prachuap are different from the ones you’ll find in Bangkok: they look more like a sidecar, and they are called “saling” (see picture above).

Hiring such a transportation is quite cheap in Prachuap: for example, you will be charged 40 ฿ per person from the train station to the seafront.

Renting a car

If you plan to stay in Prachuap and visit some remote places around, renting a car can be a good solution. I’ts not that easy to find a car for rent in Prachuap, but the Prachuap Beach Hotel is one the places which offer this service, a car will cost you 850 ฿ a day.
Here are the distances from Prachuap Khiri Khan to other places of interest in the Province

Going north of Prachuap

Kui Buri: 30 Km
Sam Roi Yot: 54 Km
Pranburi: 71 Km
Hua Hin: 90 Km

Going south of Prachuap

Thap Sakae: 34 Km
Ban Krut: 69 Km
Bang Saphan: 87 Km
Bang Saphan Noi: 110 Km